What is audea.io?

Audea is a platform to upload and discover audeas, or audio-ideas. You can download our mobile app here (iOS only right now) or use us on the web to search for anything and get audeas as results to those searches or recommended to you on the homepage, customized for each person using the platform.

Do I have to pay to use Audea?

No. We are free to use to consume audeas and if you are a creator, you can upload whenever and however many audeas you want. 

How are you different from podcast apps?

Podcast apps are based around connecting to an RSS feed and then hosting audio files. Audea does NOT connect to an RSS feed, meaning we don’t have the world’s audio content that you’d find on a typical podcast app. The only content on our platform is based on what individual creators have uploaded to audea. Podcast apps typically don’t recommend audio content in a meaningful way, mainly because they source them from RSS feeds and people don’t upload digestible audio ideas since they are uploading 1-2hr long episodes. 

Why should I use your app over all the other big audio apps?

The big audio apps aren’t doing the one thing we can do: provide discoverability for creators. We truly feel that spoken-word audio is in a golden era, and the way we are building Audea is by adding a strong level of significance to how these ideas are discovered and how they are consumed. We expect users to come to the app every day, be able to refresh their feed, and find meaningful audeas that are relevant to them. Outside of music, most big audio apps have failed at providing discoverability to new spoken-word ideas. Many of the other apps are built by creators driving traffic to the app where the audio is hosted – we believe the app should drive traffic for the creator organically by building and ecosystem and community around the content on the platform. If we help you find better things to listen to everyday, we hope you choose to use us.

What type of content should I post?

The beauty of our platform is that we don’t limit ourselves to just podcasts. Most podcasts stop after 10 episodes because there is so much pressure to release consistently and have some type of important “theme” to the show. It ends up burning people out and they stop. Content on audea is what it sounds like: audio-ideas. We encourage people to upload audio content that they feel is relevant and important to them. This means if you’re a tax consultant, you can upload “Five 2021 Tax Tips,” and if you’re a motivational speaker – you can upload “How Fear Stops You From Achieving Your Goals.” If you have an idea that is rooted in spoken-word audio, this is the platform to upload it, get discovered, and build an audience. People don’t usually upload content like that on podcast apps, but for us, each audea gets a thumbnail/title/description/tags for it to enter into the home feed and become discovered. That’s why the content you post here can be much more valuable and discoverable than content on traditional podcasting apps. 

Can I upload content from my phone?

Yes – we aren’t fully optimized for it yet but we do allow it on the app, just follow this process:

  1. Go to your channel
  2. Click on “Add New”
  3. Fill in Step 1 (title, tags, etc.)
  4. Upload Audio in Step 2 (your audio will have to be in the files part of your phone – for voice memos, just add them to files and they will show up)
  5. Wait till it uploads, click publish, and you’re live!

How can I optimize my audeas to get discovered?

Since we aren’t a podcast app, it’s important to understand that there are some differences between how you upload traditional podcast content vs. uploading audeas. First, we are a platform rooted in audio content but still showing visual audeas in peoples’ feeds. This means you need to have an interesting title and thumbnail – you should NOT be using your regular logo for each episode or having a title that’s like “Episode 155”. Think about as a consumer scrolling through their feed, is your audea something meaningful (entertaining, informing, etc.) that you yourself would click on? You don’t need to clickbait or sensationalize the thumbnail/title, but make sure it’s not boring. Second, you must make sure you tag your content and tell us what it’s about during the upload process – we need to know as much as we can so our algorithms can target your content to the right demographics, so take an extra 1-2min and put in some more information about your content. 

Where can I ask more questions?

Email support@audea.io and we’ll get back to you. You can view our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking the links respectively.

Are there more resources to learn about Audea?

Yes, our founder thinks about the product 25 hours a day and makes a lot of content about his thoughts, here’s three audeas that may be interesting to check out:

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